Hey.....Psssst.......We are open!

Posted on September 03 2018

Hey.....Psssst.......We are open!

It is September 3rd, which means that is Autumn here in RVA.  Yes, I am holding on to Summer myself and believe that we have many Bohemian days and nights ahead of us before we bust out the pumpkin this and that.

We set a goal to have the new online shop live this fall.  We did it!  Bohemian Culture House is now open!  It is a thing now and we hope you will join us on our journey and help to make it an even bigger thing!

We design and make everyday!  We are meeting up with other like minded designers and makers to collaborate with and incorporate into our product mix.  Come join us! Let's be friends! Let's talk about things! We are working for you, making great products with that positive vibe that just feels so good. Ya know?! So please join us, become a Bohemian!

Our next Bohemian Milestone Goal is putting the pop up locations together in Richmond, Virginia,our beautiful city home.  Keep an eye out for us around the city this Fall on the streets, markets, and other cool shops.


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