About Us


We absolutely love good food with lots of flavor. We love fresh coffee and tea. We also love great design and love to create both in the kitchen and in the studio. We call it "Elevating the Beautiful". It is like a living work of art that is vibrant and colorful, exciting and thriving, enriching and loving. We want to share it all with you! That is why we are building a positive online retail environment right here in RVA that also serves our community with Pop-Up shops and shows while we grow. Our goal is to set roots in a brick and mortar presence that serves a like minded local community with art, music, writing, food and drink. We think of it as Artist's Studio meets Coffee House meets Alternative Market.

We wish to unite local artisans with their peers from across the country and from around the world in this alternative market of beautiful art, home goods, apparel, body care and the Trinity of Trade. The "Trinity of Trade" you ask? Beautiful Coffees, Majestic Teas, and Exotic Spices.

Bohemian Culture House is destined to be an organic mecca of artisan love; from the farmer to the kitchen, from the studio to the wall, from the potter's wheel to the.....(we could go on forever with this one)! We are all Natural, Organic, and Fair Trade because we are all Beautiful and we are all Love!

Please join our journey and become a Bohemian! We look forward to meeting you!


Chris & Jennifer