Painting A Dream


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      The iconic "Painting A Dream" by Christopher Thomas Limbrick.  This work is styled in a urban/folk manner heavily inspired by the works of the legendary Howard Finster. It tells the story of the rise and fall of a nation, with its rebirth being led by the Bohemians, otherwise known as the artists, singers, writers, dancers, the lovers of art and culture.

      The text of the lower painting:

      These streets made by man hold all of the stories so given to us by its beat dwellers not even the passing of father time yields the power required for silence for it is down here in the streets where the sound of life sings the melodic chant down where we pride with color and raw but it is the spoken defined only to be redefined where we choose not told by suits the man who reside in its fornicating towers under the blanket of mother's ephemeral love quiets when only we want it to be its concrete and steel hot and cold a touch of a hand depending where the power is it gives and takes away just the same governed by the collective painted by artists fed by the very soul no one ever sees hope that rises before glory in this place absent a flag represented by its own the givers the healers the singers the dancers the instruments the writers the actors the lovers the growers the chefs the artists the lovers of the streets.

       120" x 30" Mixed Media on Canvas   

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